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World Premiere at CES 2024: Continental technology car with cross domain High-Performance Computer

January 05, 2024 -  As an industry first, Continental has integrated its latest Cross Domain High-Performance Computer (HPC) into a car to demonstrate the capabilities of the software-defined vehicle (SDV) at the CES 2024. Combining cockpit and advanced driver assistance features on one chip, the HPC not only powers a broad set of functions such as automated parking, surround view, holistic motion control or multimedia but also allows for over the air software updates. The cross domain HPC marks a milestone on the path towards full domain integration.

The technology car is enabled by the Continental Automotive Edge Framework (CAEdge) framework for cloud-based development of software applications and functions. CAEdge simplifies and accelerates the development of vehicle software and offers vehicle manufacturers a development, deployment, and test environment along one toolchain. Thanks to the CAEdge framework, it is possible to use a virtual HPC in a cloud environment to test software before the deployment onto the physical hardware. That way, hardware, such as the cluster instrument, can be updated or debugged directly in the cloud and new applications can be integrated seamlessly in cars at any stage of their lifespan.

With the technology car, Continental has for the first time integrated a cross domain high- performance computer into a vehicle and brings together all hardware and software into one road-to-cloud ecosystem. This reduces complexity and time-to-market for vehicle manufacturers while increasing flexibility for software development and function deployment, building the basis for user-defined vehicles that will offer unlimited possibilities for future driver experiences.

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