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From Road to Cloud

From Road to Cloud

In addition to the right enabling technologies, the separation of hardware and software is the basis for the software-defined vehicle. Just as with a mobile, functions can be added, thus equipping a car with special functions that provide more safety, a great user experience, and more sustainability in the vehicle.

With new vehicle architectures, connectivity solutions and a comprehensive hardware & software portfolio for almost all areas of the car, we provide technologically sophisticated and unique solutions for passengers and drivers.

Server-Zone Architecture

A modern vehicle architecture with the corresponding powerful components is an enabler for separation of software and hardware. The cross-domain server/zone architecture optimizes the vehicle system, enabling:

  • Smart sensors and actuators
  • Smart power distribution
  • Reduction of wiring harness

Solution samples:

Hardware and Software Separation

The separation of hardware and software enables high flexibility and scalability in the development and integration of new functions and systems during the entire vehicle lifecycle.

Within the road to cloud ecosystem, we offer many possibilities for the software stacks of the future.

Operating System / Middleware

In the context of software-defined vehicles (SDV), our operating systems (OS) and middleware are enabling technology with many advantages.

  • EB tresos: Operating system and tools ECUs
  • EB corbos: Hypervisor, operating system and integrated development environment for HPCs


Software Solutions

Our software solutions offerings cover a wide range of automotive and industry functions, including infotainment, navigation, advanced driver assistance systems, vehicle connectivity validation and developing tools.

Cybersecurity In-vehicle

is a key aspect in the automotive sector, as connected vehicles are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Continental, in collaboration with Argus, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for vehicles, ensures that vehicles are protected from potential threats, keeping occupants safe.


A powerful integration of vehicles and fleets to the cloud is a prerequisite for development, services and functions of the software-defined vehicle.   We have the right technologies, products and partners for these requirements.