Continental is leading the "DIAZI" project to turn production plants into digital factories



In the future, fully digitalized production environments will enable the planning and simulation of new production lines before commissioning

November 6, 2023 -  Continental is digitalizing the entire production process of automotive components. To this end, we have formed a partner consortium with a total of eight renowned IT and process optimization companies, universities and specialized start-ups. The three-year project is called "Digitalization of the Industrialization Process in the Automotive and Supplier Industry" (DIAZI for short).  

The "Digital Factory" as an innovative update for the entire production process

The knowledge gained from the DIAZI project will be used to transfer production plants into the digital world. Future production lines are planned and simulated digitally - even before they are commissioned. This makes it possible to increase the efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a modern automotive plant. This helps to meet accelerated development cycles, increasingly complex supply chains and growing customer requirements in the best possible way. The DIAZI project is intended to increase the efficiency of industrialization processes within the automotive industry.  
Following this approach, new production lines can be planned digitally in the future and production processes can be simulated before commissioning starts. An important component is artificial intelligence, which helps to continuously optimize immense data packets, accurately predict productivity and minimize downtimes thanks to in-depth data analysis of all machines. In the future, several production sites, including those of suppliers, could be networked in this way in order to be able to produce quickly, scalably and as efficiently as possible.