Continental Automotive Suppliers Awards Trophy

Continental Automotive honors ourstanding suppliers of 2022

Suppliers awarded based on their engagement, quality, supply, purchasing conditions

July 26, 2023 -  Trusting collaboration remains an essential principle for us to manage the ongoing transformation in the automotive industry. Therefore, Continental Automotive honors the performance of nine of its best suppliers for 2022 with the prestigious “Supplier of the Year” awards - based on their engagement, quality, supply, and purchasing conditions. The special Quality Award went to Renesas for their benchmarking performance in 2022.

“We always had a strong relationship with our suppliers and became even closer in the past, very dynamic as well as challenging years. Cultivating a synergistic relationship with our strategic supply base is a key to success for us – after all, "for one another" is a core corporate value at Continental”, says Nikolai Setzer, Chief Executive Officer of Continental, during the award ceremony, which took place on August 2, 2023, in Regensburg.

Continental Automotive Suppliers Awards All Winners

The 10 distinguished series suppliers include:

  • Special Quality Award:

  • Electronics:
    ROHM Co., Ltd. (Power Supply & Multimedia)
  • Electromechanics:
    Panasonic Industrial Device Motor BU (Motor Systems)
    Elec & Eltek (Standard Printed Circuit Boards)

  • Mechanics:
    Mansfield Group (Deep Drawn and Spring Parts)
    Shinko Nameplate Co., Ltd. (Decorative Plastics)

  • Business Area specific solutions:
    Corning Automotive Glass Solutions LLC (LC Displays)
    Ningbo Sunny Automotive Optech Co. Ltd. (Optical Devices)

  • Production Equipment:
    Fuji Corporation (Automated Insertion Machines)

  • Software Engineering Services:
    GlobalLogic (Software Engineering Services)
Continental Automotive Suppliers Awards Quality Award All Winners
Continental Automotive Suppliers Awards All Wining Trophies