Cockpit HPC

The Cockpit High-Performance Computer is the central integration platform for all cockpit functions. It is the heart of the user experience in the car and enables maximum personalization for drivers and passengers.

It provides information, entertainment, and assistance functionality from car specific content up to 3rd party cloud services​.

By centrally controlling the entire human-machine interface – visual, acoustic, and haptic – it creates a symbiosis of cockpit functionalities that takes ease and pleasure of use to a whole new level. The real "wow effect" for a personalized, but also brand-specific vehicle interior.​

Automated Driving HPC

Automated Driving High-Performance Computers (HPCs) enable human and machine vision functions in a vehicle. Our HPC acts as the integration host for the entire spectrum from assisted to autonomous driving and includes features like surround view and automated parking.

The optimized hardware and software design allows full scalability and the flexibility to integrate third-party computer vision capability on a System-on-Chip (SoC).

Vehicle Control HPC

The Vehicle Control HPC is the central integration platform for all body, chassis, safety and motion, and energy management functions. Additionally, it can be extended to host automated driving functionalities up to level 2.

With its heterogeneous, secure and safe interoperable multi operating system environment, the VC HPC allows to flexibly integrate Continental and third-party software applications and services. 

The VC HPC implements the latest automotive bus technologies and acts as the central data and communication hub in the software-defined vehicle for all cloud and IoT services enabling new mobility concepts and an improved end-user experience. 

As central instance for over-the-air updates and upgrades, this HPC enables vehicles to evolve and adapt throughout their entire lifetime. In addition, as a central security gateway, it can inspect communication traffic between the vehicle and the outside world to meet cyber-security isolation requirements.

From Domain-specific Towards Cross-domain HPCs

In addition to domain-specific High-Performance Computers, Continental offers various cross-domain HPC solutions that enable function integration across all vehicle domains. With this, Continental anticipates the needs of customers and the ongoing development toward centralized vehicle architectures over the coming years. Merging HPCs along similar and complementary requirements and performance parameters of the respective systems improves functionality as well as user experience and reduces costs.

Central HPC

The Trend Goes from Several Separated HPC Devices Towards the Integration into one Central HPC. Beside single-domain and cross-domain High-Performance Computer solutions, Continental provides Central High-Performance Computers solutions, whereby different configurations are possible (e.g. Central HPC with exchangeable modules or fully integrated Central HPC). This is how Continental serves the market trend to further centralize computing power.

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