Smart Cockpit High-Performance Computer @ IAA Mobility 2023

Smart Cockpit High-Performance Computer

  • Sweet Spot Between User Experience, System Performance, Costs and Short Development Time
  • Cost-optimized Smart Cockpit HPC with pre-integrated set of functions for cluster, infotainment and visual ADAS integration
  • Optimized system performance for a smooth user experience
  • Ready for series production in just 18 months after order
  • Access to various services including Google generative AI
  • Up to three displays and five cameras can be connected
  • Functional safety through system partitioner
High Performance Computer Smart Cockpit

Continental and Google

  • Continental and Google Cloud equip cars with generative artificial intelligence and create intuitive user experience for drivers
  • The two companies each bring their respective expertise to the partnership, namely in automotive, software, artificial intelligence and cloud computing
  • The Google AI-based voice assistant integrated within a smart cockpit system allows drivers to interact with their car in a natural dialogue
  • No matter if drivers for example need help finding the right tire pressure when the car is fully loaded or want to know more about local places of interest on their destination or along their route when they are on vacation, the generative AI can compile the required information and answer the drivers’ questions.


  • Virtual Smart Cockpit HPC: shortens development time and helps to identify issues earlier in the development cycle
  • Simulation of applications and Electronic Control Unit system performance independent of having the real hardware available
  • Decoupling of hardware and software decisions
  • Simulation of digital feature performance on the digital twin of hardware subsystems
  • Continuous release of applications that customize and enhance the driver experience

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