Immersive Experience:

Continental delivers V-Shaped Display to Hyundai Kona


Our state-of-the-art display solution is used in the Hyundai Kona series, which has been on the market since 2023

Our V-shaped display consists of two flat high-resolution screens with backlighting. It represents a two-in-one solution by combining the screens of the driver's display and the central display under a common glass surface. The displays are framed by curved ("V-shaped") glass to create the visual impression of a continuous surface.     

This V-shaped, ergonomic arrangement of both displays at a slight angle to each other places the driver at the center of the information display at all times. This creates numerous advantages for users. For example, visual content can be grasped more easily from the driver's seat and provides a significantly improved user experience, as all the controls displayed on the screen can be reached conveniently and intuitively.  

The display was developed and implemented in less than a year. The implementation in record time was made possible through a close and strong cooperation between Continental and Hyundai.    

Continental's V-shaped display