eHorizon Dynamic Road Events

More Safety Thanks to Real-Time Data: eHorizon for Dynamic Road Events Wins Major Award

As of 2025, we will equip millions of vehicles from a major European car manufacturer with the latest version of our eHorizon platform

While the connected eHorizon has been in successful use by a major OEM since 2022, the eHorizon for Dynamic Road Events enhances road safety for car drivers by offering real-time insights into road events and potential hazards. In addition to static data such as road geometry and topology, this pioneering cloud-based solution also incorporates highly reliable dynamic road event information. This includes traffic congestion, end-of-queue positions, accidents ahead, construction zones, slippery road conditions, obstacles on the roadway, and more.

Through smart data aggregation, the  eHorizon  platform complements the capabilities of traditional embedded sensors such as radar systems and cameras. This allows vehicles to “see around the corner,” thereby enabling them to proactively anticipate potential hazards well in advance and adapt to changing road conditions. The integration of Dynamic Road Events into our platform and the equipment of millions of vehicles with it marks a significant milestone on our journey towards our  Vision Zero.
The eHorizon platform is committed to continuous improvement in road safety. It will expand its data sources, diversify event types, and extend its reach to other regions. The platform is changing the way vehicles interact with the driver and their environment, helping to pave the way for autonomous driving, even under challenging circumstances.