Seat Adjustment

Manual and Memory Seat Adjustment for an Ideal Seat Position

Benefits & Features

Further Functions and Combinations

In addition to manual and memory seat adjustment, we offer a range of further benefits for drivers and passengers. These include remote control of the front passenger seat from the driver's seat or from the rear seat. The driver can also activate a childproof lock on the rear seat adjustment mechanism. Furthermore, we allow automatic presetting of headrest height as a function of the seat's fore-and-aft position, and automatic setting of a safe seat position if an accident is imminent. Often the seat heating and seat air conditioning functions are integrated into the control unit for memory seat adjustment, in order to reduce weight and cost.

  • Up to twelve directions of adjustment
  • Memory seat adjustment allows seat positions to be saved and recalled by internal positioning logic
  • Key personalized memory for the driver seat position
  • Automatic seat adjustment e.g. when vehicle is unlocked
  • Anti-pinch protection for selected seat adjustment axes
  • Easy entry/exit for front and/or rear seat
  • Remote control for front passenger seat
  • Headrest position preset according to the seat base position
  • Automatic adjustment to a safe seat position if accident is imminent
  • High-speed motors with speed control
  • Position sensing, either via hall sensors or via ‘Sensorless Positioning (SLP)' algorithm

Technical Information

Manual Seat Adjustment

To provide the user with the full extent of comfort and safety, electric seat adjustment axes are a basic necessity. In addition to the usual fore-and-aft, seat height, backrest angle and headrest height adjustments, it is also possible to electrically adjust the seat angle, seat length, backrest width, upper backrest angle, and even the footrest. The seat is moved manually into the desired position by pressing the corresponding operating controls – either conventional switches or a modern human-machine interface.
Memory Seat Adjustment
With the aid of specially designed positioning logic, it is possible to save user-defined seat positions and to recall them again later. This logic can be implemented either electrically with corresponding sensors, or algorithmically as Sensorless Positioning (SLP). In addition to simple position saving, there is also the possibility of saving to key memory. Here the driver's seat position is saved and then automatically set when the vehicle is unlocked with the remote key or when the door is opened. For coupes with limited space in the interior, a special feature is available for easy vehicle entry and exit. The seat in front is temporarily moved into a position that gives the user more room. For this function, a high-speed motor for fore-and-aft adjustment is often installed. To ensure safety even with automatic seat adjustment, we offer an anti-pinch feature for the main adjustment axes, which stops automatically and reverses when it detects an obstacle.