Heated and climate controlled seats

Elevate Driving Comfort: Discover Heated and Climate-Controlled Seats.

Heated seats are a standard feature on many vehicles today. They provide the driver and passengers with a pleasantly warm seat at all times, even in winter. The desired temperature is usually set in several levels. This can be activated by power control or by precise temperature setting, depending on the configuration installed. There is also the option of adjusting the temperature in the seat cushion and backrest areas according to personal perception of the temperature in each area.

Heated seats are used increasingly in conjunction with climate controlled ventilation, which removes any condensing moisture from the seat. As with the heated seats controls, there are also several power levels for the ventilators in the seat cushion and the backrest. An especially comfortable additional option is active cooling by means of Peltier elements. With this option, the air flowing into the seat is cooled in advance to below the temperature of the vehicle interior.

Benefits & Features

  • Climate-controlled ventilation: The components provide climate-controlled ventilation that eliminates condensing moisture from the seat, enhancing overall comfort.
  • Adjustable temperature levels: Availability of multiple temperature levels, allowing users to set their preferred level of warmth or coolness.
  • Active cooling option: Advanced feature of active cooling using Peltier elements, which pre-cools incoming air to a temperature lower than the vehicle interior, ensuring a refreshing experience.
  • Personalized comfort: Users have the option to adjust the temperature in different areas of the seat (cushion and backrest) according to their personal preference, providing a customized comfort experience.
  • Easy control: Availability of power control and precise temperature settings ensures convenient and tailored operation based on the user's preferences.
  • Enhanced driving experience: These components significantly enhance the driving experience by providing a comfortable seating environment regardless of external conditions.

Technical Information

160W per seat

Heater output power during warm-up phase about

(pulse width modulation)

60-70W per seat

Heater output power during temperature hold phase about

25 Hz

Power control with about

(pulse width modulation)

Operation of up to four heated zones per seat

Minimum battery peak load through synchronized staggered cut-in of pulse width modulation