The e-Si is a brake-by-wire system based on the Simplex principle, is compatible with an ePedal, has an integrated parking brake function and good packaging properties on standard rear axles.

Furthermore, the brake comes with a wheel control unit with an integrated torque sensor for precise modulation of each drum brake, providing a maximum of controllability while the brake offers full freedom in its mounting position. Various assistance functions for safety and comfort can also be implemented.

An electric caliper can be used for the front axle of heavy and performance vehicles.

Benefits & Features

  • High C* = Downsizing potential with scalable concept (9…13’’)
  • No hydraulic fluids = no fill and bleed
  • Plug & play (corner module)
  • Farly testability
  • Full-blending capability
  • High corrosion robustness
  • Adaptable brake pedal feeling
  • Service prediction
  • Low drag torque
  • Low corrosion & low Emissions with encapsulated brake design

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