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We drive the future of mobility solutions through innovations for a safe, connected and convenient world, focusing on Safety and Motion, Autonomous Mobility, User Experience, Smart Mobility, Software and Systems Excellence, and Architecture and Networking. With the Automotive organization, we have created five dynamic, powerful, and flexible Business Areas that consistently take their bearings from our strategic action fields and the development of the global automotive market. Under their umbrella and together with the central function Software and Central Technologies (SCT), they unite products and technologies that belong together from the perspective of the market.

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to make your future mobility happen.

Autonomous Mobility

We provide comprehensive components and systems to pave the way towards Autonomous Mobility.

Autonomous driving is one of the most significant future fields for the automotive industry. After all, driverless technologies offer previously unimagined potential for making mobility more sustainable, more comfortable, and, above all, safer. And this market is booming: according to forecasts, it will expand dramatically in the coming years. Simultaneously, the diversification of the expertise and skills needed to bring autonomous mobility to fruition also means we are a driving force for ideas and an innovation leader.    

In the Autonomous Mobility (AM) business area, we are pooling all of the expertise needed to develop innovative solutions for assisted and automated driving. We pave the way for driverless mobility – with a clear vision, a detailed strategy, and an open, dynamic culture that is geared towards collaboration.

Smart Mobility

We foster mobility intelligence with interoperable, integrated and end-2-end solutions and services for a sound economy and society. Fully connected and secure.

Smart technologies have long since arrived in everyday life – and they are now changing mobility too. Connected vehicles that analyze data in real time will reduce traffic congestion in metropolitan regions in particular. Smart Mobility offers sustainable logistics with intelligent solutions for commercial vehicles, fleets, and the aftermarket. With our technologies, we make it possible to seamlessly connect the driver and vehicle with the infrastructure, other vehicles, mobile end devices, and the cloud, with the result that all road users can safely access information and services at all times. 

The Smart Mobility (SMY) business area focuses on business involving mobility services, fleet operators, and commercial vehicle manufacturers.


User Experience

We provide solutions for superior comfort, ergonomics, and ease-of-use. We manage the information in the vehicle and beyond – connected, seamless and intuitive.

Mobility is changing. As well are the needs of end-users. Interior design and user experience (UX) are becoming decisive factors for the vehicle buying decision.    

We develop innovative products and content that not only makes driving more stress-free, but also enable new user experiences. Our pioneering technologies for visual, tactile, and auditory interaction with the vehicle determine the mobility of the future.    

The User Experience (UX) business area combines display and input technologies, as well as audio and camera solutions for the vehicle interior.

Safety and Motion

We understand the complete SensePlanAct chain of effects and supply the right safety products and solutions to achieve Vision Zero.

Vision Zero, our vision of a world without traffic accidents, remains the goal of the Safety and Motion business area. Safety, comfort and driving dynamics are key elements in the development of new mobility solutions. Safety is non-negotiable, and the corresponding requirements will become even more stringent in the future.    

As a market leader in safety technologies, we can look back on a long tradition and extensive expertise in the areas of mechanical systems, electronics hardware, software, vehicle, and system architecture and integration.    

At the same time, it is our engineers, experts and teams around the world who have always contributed to making mobility safer with their clever ideas and passionate dedication, thereby helping to save lives. We are shaping safe mobility – today and for the future.


Software and Systems Excellence

We strengthen software competence, manage system complexity and master standardization to enable future business growth.

We delight our customers with innovations, an intelligent architecture, reusable modules, reference designs and unrivaled expertise in integration. We actively drive partnerships forward, because only together can we achieve sustainable growth and implement the best possible solutions.    

In addition, we are focused on harmonization and simplification through standardized software and hardware modules, expertise, processes, methods, and tools, nurturing synergies and efficiency as a result.

Architecture and Networking

We involve ourselves early in vehicle architecture definition, provide scalable, updatable platforms and comprehensive solutions, managing their systems integration.

The Architecture and Networking business area stands for seamless connectivity and modern, high-performance electronics architecture in the vehicle. Thus, we provide the fundamental elements of an innovative server- and software-based end-to-end vehicle architecture as an “electronic backbone”.    

Besides efficient, scalable computing power, these elements include fast, secure communication inside and outside the vehicle as well as efficient data management.