Advanced Sensors

Intelligent sensors create the basis for reliable safety functions and thereby ensure save driving conditions.

  • Active Position Switch – APS
    Active Position Switch – APS

    The Active Position Switch with integrated magnet is an easy and cost effective Sensor, usable to control the position of different ferromagnetic parts.

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  • Ultrasonic Height and Pressure Sensor – UHPS
    Ultrasonic Height and Pressure Sensor – UHPS

    The sensor works with given natural reflector faces (buffer stop, piston shoulder, etc.) inside the air spring without trumpet because of temperature compensation.

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  • Pedal Angle Sensor
    Pedal Angle Sensor

    Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles make use of sensors that were developed for advanced braking systems.

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  • Digital Chassis Acceleration Sensor
    Digital Chassis Acceleration Sensor

    Active chassis control systems require sensors to measure the distance between the suspension and the chassis.

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  • Intelligent Battery Sensor
    Intelligent Battery Sensor

    The shunt-type IBS continuously analyzes the status of conventional 12-Volt lead acid batteries and provides information on such key parameters.

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  • Chassis Position Sensor
    Chassis Position Sensor

    The Chassis Position Sensor (CPS) in its 2nd Generation is an angular sensor with its first SOP beginning in 2018.

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  • Brake Pad Wear Indicator
    Brake Pad Wear Indicator

    The electrical brake pad wear sensors are attached to (or are part of) the brake pads.

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