Testing Portfolio

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  • Crash Test Facility
    Crash Test Facility

    This facility has been established to perform vehicle impact tests as part of our activities for developing and testing vehicle occupant restraint systems.

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  • Controlled Sled System
    Controlled Sled System

    For the development of vehicle occupant protection systems for vehicles and similar applications, Continental has a servo-hydraulic, controlled sled system that is also used to perform tests as part of services.

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  • Pedestrian Protection
    Pedestrian Protection

    The facility is used for testing components and vehicle frontal structure for the development of active and passive protection systems.

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  • Free Motion Headform
    Free Motion Headform

    For the US legislation requirement (FMVSS 201 u), Continental uses a BIA facility for positioning the Free Motion Headform (FMH) within vehicle interiors.

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  • Temperature Test Facility
    Temperature Test Facility

    The facilities are used for development tests of vehicle interior components, cockpits and protection systems, as well as conformity to production tests.

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  • Dynamic Side Impact and Intrusion
    Dynamic Side Impact and Intrusion

    Continental has developed a test approach for the simulation of side impact crash events on the HYGE sled.

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  • Vehicle Safety for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
    Vehicle Safety for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

    With its Safety Engineering segment, Continental applies a specifically developed engineering and testing process for electric vehicles and their special requirements.

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