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Solutions for Passenger Cars


Safeguards the driver from potential collisions.

Back-up Camera:

A backup camera helps you see the area behind your car when backing up. It often provides more visibility behind your car than you can get by turning your head, potentially helping to prevent a crash when backing up.

But a clean camera is crucial for this. Our Back-up Camera Cleaning solution offers a clear and safer view and helps avoid accidents while reversing.


Back-up Warning:

Simple but effective, ultrasonic sensors can be found in most new cars today. They safeguard the driver from backing into objects or even persons. These potential crashes affect the most vulnerable populations, with children under 5 accounting for the largest percent of the fatalities each year, and the elderly also accounting for a high percentage. Some backup systems include sensors in the rear bumper that detect objects behind the car. When an object is detected, the car system will provide a warning light and/or sound.

Ultrasonic Parking Sensor


Rear cross-traffic alert (RCTA):

Designed to help the vehicle back out of parking spaces where approaching traffic may be blocked from view. When the vehicle is shifted into reverse, sensors monitor the areas to the left and right. The feature will provide a visual or auditory warning if an approaching vehicle enters the detection areas.



Occupant Safe Exit:

The car is parked, and a quick move of the fingers and the arm pushes open the car door in a split second. All too often this results in the oversight of oncoming cyclists or vehicles, putting them, the car driver or exiting passengers at severe risk of injury. The function Occupant Safe Exit recognizes oncoming cyclists and vehicles, and prevents the door from being pushed open, to prevent a potential collision.

Radar technology, already in use for blind spot detection, is used here to implement this function to protect the cyclists and the car driver or its passengers from a collision.


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