World Premiere Our New Brake System for Electronic Stability Control for Changan

New generation of conventional electronic brake systems - MK 120 ESC begins production in the Chinese market

Continental has begun supplying Chinese car manufacturer Changan with our new generation of electronic brake systems for Electronic Stability Control (ESC), the MK 120 ESC. This marks the first time that the MK 120 ESC enters series production worldwide. Changan equips its latest Oshan X5 Plus and Uni-T models available in the Chinese market with the brake system. 

Continental_PP_MK_120_Product-(1).jpgThe latest generation of Continental’s conventional electronic brake system is highly efficient, offers cyber security features and over-the-air (OTA) functionality, and can be easily installed in the vehicle. The MK 120 ESC is produced at Continental’s Shanghai (China) plant. Further production locations in Europe, Japan and India will follow. The system is targeted toward passenger cars from manufacturers worldwide. A further start of production is planned with a European car manufacturer in the course of 2023.   

The MK 120 ESC offers reduced weight for energy and emission savings, as well as increased range. It also adopts an embedded hardware security module in line with the high requirements for cyber security in the global industry, ensuring maximum security. Finally, the high computing power of the new MK 120 ESC brake system meets the highest international authoritative standard for automotive functional safety, making it ready for service-oriented, centralized vehicle system architecture. 

"We are developing new brake systems to meet the needs of trends like electrification, assisted and automated driving. Our MK 120 ESC guarantees high active safety performance and provides a comfortable driving experience. The worldwide first market entry with our brake system at Changan is an important milestone for us,” said Dennis Fritsch, Head of Continental's Active Safety and Controls Segment. 

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