Plug & Play HPC: Always up-to-date and keeping it cool

Scalable, flexible integration concept for HPC from a single source with efficient thermal management

Continental introduces its Plug & Play concept for High-Performance Computers (HPC). This architecture-solution is designed for modern software-defined vehicles that require scalable HPCs to process rapidly increasing amount of data – taking driving safety, automation, and exciting user experience to the next level. 

Continental’s Plug & Play HPC solution enables vehicle manufacturers to replace or upgrade individual computer modules when the vehicle is already in the field – almost as easy as hardware components on a desktop PC. The high scalability of our HPC solutions can be adapted to any vehicle architecture: from individual HPCs or as modular stack or rack solutions that combine various HPC modules in a single unit. A cost-effective and flexible cooling pad can be easily adapted to the various HPC solutions and offers easy installation and drip-free replacement of hardware modules. 

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