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User Experience

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User Experience

We provide solutions for superior comfort, ergonomics, and ease-of-use. We manage the information in the vehicle and beyond – connected, seamless and intuitive.

Accessibility, aesthetics, beauty and usefulness are all characteristics that are closely related to User Experience (UX). UX is playing an increasingly important role in product and service development, and especially in the case of digital products it is the decisive criterion for success and approval. In the automotive sector, factors including digitalization, electrification and automated driving are further increasing the importance of UX. These drivers are not only changing mobility as such, but also the demands users place on a vehicle.
The foremost factor for success based on UX is to be able to offer a holistically coordinated human-machine interface (HMI), which not only makes driving less stressful but also more entertaining. Since positive emotions lead to a more pronounced identification with a brand, an investment in UX is – now more than ever – an investment in the brand and its value, which also benefits us. Continental provides solutions for superior comfort, ergonomics, and ease-of-use, and manages the information in the vehicle and beyond – connected, seamless and intuitive.
In order to actively shape the user experience of our future products in a positive manner, three core elements are crucial: Design, Technology and Business Model. Continental already offers solutions combining innovative design, advanced interaction possibilities and a high level of functionality. As we move toward a fully connected car, conventional display and control systems in the vehicle cockpit are increasingly reaching their limits. Through interconnected systems, innovative solutions and tailored services, we are defining tomorrow’s driving experience, today. To achieve this, we are concentrating above all on the interaction possibilities in the vehicle. We are working on solutions for visual, tactile and acoustic interaction that are all perfectly interconnected thanks to our advanced UX software in combination with our design expertise.

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