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Software and Systems Excellence

We strengthen software competence, manage system complexity and master standardization to enable future business growth.

The vehicle, which has been a convenient means of transportation or a status symbol, is now undergoing radical change in the form of digitalization and connectivity. Autonomous and connected cars controlled via the Internet of Things are one of the automotive industry’s great promises for the future, but safety and user experience are also playing an increasingly important role in vehicle development.
Software is immensely important, since already over 90 percent of automotive innovations come from software development, which holds enormous growth potential ahead. Continental experts have calculated that the computing power required per car is likely to increase by a factor of 50 between 2015 and 2030. We strengthen software competence, manage system competence and master standardization to enable future business growth
In order to meet the high technical demands of the industry, we at Continental rely on what are known as High Performance Computers (HPC) with enormous computing power. 20,000 software and IT experts have so far invested more than 1.8 million man-hours into software development. The computing power of our supercomputer is unparalleled in the automotive industry, being particularly helpful in innovative software disciplines such as deep learning and AI.
Our high-level platforms Continental Factory and Continental Cooperation Portal, which largely automate the integration and testing of software packages from external partners and suppliers, greatly shorten response times and development cycles. 
With the Software & Systems Excellence horizontal action field, we are strengthening our software competence and systems expertise across all Automotive Technologies’ business areas.

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