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Smart Mobility

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Smart Mobility

We foster mobility intelligence with interoperable, integrated and end-2-end solutions and services for a sound economy and society. Fully connected and secure.

Cars have been transforming beyond just offering the capability to drive, with connectivity to the internet being a major factor. Technological disruption has been taking place in the automotive industry over recent years in terms of digitalization, automation, and connectivity, and this will continue to take place more aggressively. Not only vehicles but organizing traffic will also require smart mobility solutions such as shared or multimodal transport services. After all, smart mobility has the potential to reduce accidents, traffic congestion and emissions. It is a key factor for greater efficiency and safety – and thus for improving quality of life.
We at Continental are developing comprehensive solutions that deliver real added value for vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, auto repair shops, mobility users and others, in shaping the technological disruption. Continental has expertise across all three areas that are essential for smart mobility solutions - We know how vehicles use sensor technology to collect information; We know how vehicles and other road users connect, communicate and share data; We can evaluate, interpret and put the information into the right context. Therefore, we promote smart mobility that is fully connected and secure with interoperable, integrated end-to-end solutions and services for a healthy economy and society.
We offer complete packages, as well as modular and integrable solutions for Commercial Vehicles and Passenger Vehicles fleet management for diagnostics, vehicle connectivity and Vehicle-to-X communication (V2X), and further working on solutions for predictive maintenance. Our portfolio includes microservices such as Key as a Service (KaaS) and CoSmA (smartphone-based vehicle key), sensor technology and eHorizon. Continental’s exclusivity lies in our broad and in-depth expertise across all technological aspects required for smart mobility solutions. Simultaneously, our global presence in the most important markets enables us to offer solutions that are tailored to the needs of local users.

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