Safety and Motion


Safety and Motion

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Safety and Motion

We undestand the complete SensePlanAct chain of effects and supply the right safety products and solutions to achieve Vision Zero:

The increasing number of fatalities and injuries globally due to road accidents, along with developments in vehicle electrification, autonomous mobility (connected cars), as well as rules and legal regulations are leading to increased requirements of vehicle safety. 
Our overarching goal at Continental is to attain Vision Zero, i.e. a safe transport system in which there are no longer any deaths, injuries, or crashes. Optimum occupant safety for all road users, and above all anticipatory, preventive safety functions, are an important step toward this goal. The main requirement to reach Vision Zero is that safety must not be for the privileged few, but everyone must be able to afford it.
Safety products are becoming dedicated elements in future electrical/electronic (E/E) architectures. We understand the complete SensePlanAct chain of effects and supply the right safety products and solutions to achieve Vision Zero. SensePlanAct stands for the chain of effects in driving. Sense stands for products such as cameras, radars or lasers that detect situations and information in the vehicle surroundings. Plan covers the analysis of courses of action as performed by electronic control units. Act is intended to reflect products that carry out controls, such as electronic or hydraulic brakes.

Safety and vehicle dynamics remain an indispensable success factor when developing new mobility solutions. Motion control will continue to gain in importance and play a central role in the vehicle. With our existing expertise – and the seamless global collaboration between our teams who are working on current and future chassis technologies such as brake and motion systems – and our strong automotive sensor solutions and electronics for passive safety systems, the portfolio is rounded off by our expertise in the fields of system integration of hardware and software, as well as in system validation. 
We are a major provider of safety and driving functions, supplying components such as brakes, cameras or radar sensors and subsystems that may consist of sensors, electronic control units and software. We also want to add intelligent and connected safety infrastructures for accident prevention to our portfolio in the future.


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