Autonomous Mobility


Autonomous Mobility

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Autonomous Mobility

We provide comprehensive components and systems to pave the way towards Autonomous Mobility:

Autonomous driving is one of the most significant future fields for the automotive industry. After all, driverless technologies offer previously unimagined potential for making mobility more sustainable, more comfortable, and, above all, safer. And this market is booming: according to forecasts, it will expand dramatically in the coming years. Simultaneously, the diversification of the expertise and skills needed to bring autonomous mobility to fruition also means we are a driving force for ideas and an innovation leader.  

In the Autonomous Mobility (AM) business area, we are pooling all of the expertise needed to develop innovative solutions for assisted and automated driving. We pave the way for driverless mobility – with a clear vision, a detailed strategy, and an open, dynamic culture that is geared towards collaboration.

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