Autonomous Mobility


Autonomous Mobility

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Autonomous Mobility

We provide comprehensive components and systems to pave the way towards Autonomous Mobility:

Personal mobility poses some significant challenges, especially in urban environments across the globe where many people spend copious amounts of time on the road in transit. In addition, about 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents worldwide every year. These factors demand that the future of mobility be smart, interconnected, automated and autonomous. Continental provides comprehensive components and systems to pave the way towards Autonomous Mobility, where our technologies are helping to make driving safer, more environmentally friendly and less stressful.
Autonomous driving is a complex challenge in which the perfect interaction of many components is crucial. Only if sensor technology and software are combined meaningfully, autonomous driving and its many advantages for the driver will be possible. We develop technologies such as radar sensors, camera technology, LiDAR sensors, AD High Performance Computer and HMI for this purpose. Additionally, we set the benchmarks in the industry because we always take a holistic view of our innovations and develop all required components in close cooperation with our specialist departments, as well as with customers and partners.
Autonomous mobility and the vehicle as an intelligent, interconnected system require a completely new approach. Continental is strong here because we work in multi-disciplinary teams, together and always keeping the big picture in mind – while looking to the future. Our solutions are laying the foundations for the future of mobility. Furthermore, we are already setting standards today in the development of technologies for driverless vehicles with our CUbE development platform.

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