Parking Solutions: The right fit

In today’s traffic situation parking can be challenging, time-consuming and nerve wracking. Therefore, we provide our customers with a scalable and hardware agnostic software stack for automated parking functions. Data Processing can be either done within our leading sensors systems or on third party hardware. Thus, we are fully prepared to offer cutting-edge solutions that fully focus on our customer needs.
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To make parking easier and bring comfort and safety to drivers and other road users alike, we offer solutions that make parking a car even in tight spots an easy task. With Park Distance Warnings, Low Speed Collison Avoidance, Automated and Remote Parking, car users never have to worry about the parking maneuver. With Memory Parking, cars can even find designated parking spots at company parking lots or at the home address of a driver.

Assist Sensor System: Your eyes on the road

To make driving safer and autonomous mobility a reality, getting more input of a higher quality is needed. By combining different sensor views, Continental enables OEMs to use relevant data in a cost-effective package. Utilizing our smart cameras and radars, we offer unique views of the surroundings of the vehicle ­– with a scalable and modular system that can fit any carline. By fusing the input data from cameras and radars, our systems offer a better and more reliable image, making the road safer to use for everybody.
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Designed as a modular and scalable system, our Assist Sensor packages offer various levels of complexity, able to fulfill the latest NCAP standards. As an entry system, one camera and a forward-looking radar are working in unison to provide the vehicle with a view of the front, covering a wide angle of 115° for the camera and +/- 50° for the radar, as well as a long range of more than 200 meters. Optional radars are available for the rear to provide additional safety.

In its most extensive configuration of the system, corner radars provide additional input and can protect against side collisions – an important requirement to achieve a five-star NCAP rating and level 2+ for autonomous driving. By combining the strength of each individual sensor system, Continental is able to increase safety even further. Our cameras can detect traffic signs and compute that input either directly on their chip or provide it as raw data for OEMs.

Performance Solutions: Mobility made easy

Your next car will be more than just a vehicle. As your trustworthy companion, it can take over the job of driving. We ensure this by providing innovative, reliable and safe best in class features. It fulfills all requirements for SAE Level 2+ cruising and enables hands-off driving on highways. It can even park itself. The various features of this solution will ensure that your customers’ needs are met.
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Our Companion Performance solution brings the highest performance and feature scope to the volume market. Useful aids like Advanced Cruise Control up to 210 kph (130 mph) are combined with Lateral Guidance and Semi-Automatic Lane Changes. In addition, our Companion Performance package bundles important functions like Emergency Brake Assist, Emergency Steer Assist, or Lane Change Assist. All levels of automated parking functions are included, such as Automated Parallel and Perpendicular Parking, Remote Parking and Garage and Valet Parking. The Companion Performance system also includes 3D Surround View to eliminate blind spots, as well as clever cameras with which drivers can look though their hood, trunk and even trailers.

Premium Solutions: Your personal chauffeur

In our premium tier, we take self-driving to the next level: Companion Premium allows for a completely hands-off experience of mobility. It includes high-performance in all driving domains with premium feature scope for safety, cruising and parking. Depending on the setup of the car, Companion Premium achieves SAE level 3 up to 4. This gives drivers the freedom to concentrate on something else while travelling. We combine this with trustworthy safety features to make the future of driving accident-free.
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Companion Premium not only allows drivers to let the car drive itself, with the Cruising Pilot Fallback we bring redundancy to an important aspect of autonomous mobility. It enables level 4 driverless systems a diverse fallback path in case there is an error with the main sensors. This safety system will bring the vehicle to a safe stop in case a critical failure is detected. This premium package also includes features found in our Companion Performance package, like fully automated parking, 3D Surround View and various cameras that give an unhindered view of the surroundings of the car. Additionally, our Map HD system increases the resolution of navigational maps down to individual lanes on streets. Companion Premium is therefore not only the way forward, it also makes sure you never miss an exit.

Human Vision: Enhancing your view

Continental developed innovative technologies to give drivers the best view of the surroundings of their vehicle. By combining several cameras with different points of view there will be no more blind spots, neither trailers nor pillars obscure the vision of the driver. We use flexible displays and seamless image stitching to offer full 360° views, giving drivers all the information they need. With our 3D view the driver will have a better understanding driving in challenging scenes like narrow area maneuvers. In addition, the driver can look straight through the vehicle.
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By combining visual information from cameras with augmented support tools like lines for parallel parking, we give drivers all the angles they need to safely steer their vehicle. Full surround view is made possible by our camera technology that can stitch multiple images together in never seen before quality. This is achieved by combining camera feeds with Continental’s leading sonic sensors. This way, drivers can see all around their car, select certain views for parking maneuvers and rest assured that they will not miss a thing. Our adaptive 3D view is already in series production and the next development step will raise this technology to a new level and be a foundation for trust building on the way towards autonomous mobility.

Part of our Human Vision technology package is also sophisticated camera feeds that help drivers in difficult situations. Adaptive View Controllers are selecting the ideal camera feed for challenging maneuvers, Transparent Vehicle Views are giving a comprehensive overview of the car, even looking through your vehicle’s hood is possible. Systems that detect other road users in blind spots are also part of our Human Vision portfolio as well as Drive Recorders with which drivers can record camera angles for theft alert or for insurance claims.

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