An Unobstructed View in Every Situation

Our Transparent Hood function makes the hood 'transparent' for a clear view of the terrain under the front of the car. 

Looking Straight Through

With the help of the new optical information, a vehicle can be maneuvered precisely and in a controlled manner in narrow parking spaces with high curbs, over speed bumps and potholes, or when off-roading over rocks and rough terrain. 

How does it work?

Urban Driving

With New Perspectives

Urban driving can be sometimes challenging. But with our Transparent Hood function, even obscured obstacles will be visible. 


In Tight Parking Garages

Especially parking in parking blocks with its sophisticated tight corners can be stressful for a driver. Maneuvering is made easy by the Transparent Hood functionality. 

Country Road

Be Adventurous

Have you always wanted to explore new roads with your car? With our Transparent Hood function even for the driver hidden paths become visible. 

Surround View Cameras

A lot more than a bird's eye image

‘Transparent Hood’ relies on our Surround View system, consisting of four cameras in front, in the rear and on the outside rearview mirrors, and a central control unit for the software.

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