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Automated Valet Parking

We offer two approaches to Automated Valet Parking (AVP):

-  The intelligent vehicle approach (AVP Type 1) and
-  The intelligent infrastructure approach (AVP Type 2)

For a Type 1 system, the intelligence (incl. all sensors, computing units, and algorithms) runs on the vehicle while for a Type 2 system, the intelligence (incl. sensors and the AVP management system) is installed in the relevant infrastructure, e.g. parking facility, and the vehicle is guided by the infrastructure.


AVP1: The Intelligent Vehicle Approach

The video below demonstrates the vision how an Automated Valet Parking system can support human drivers in near future. The video shows our AVP Type 1 prototype vehicle driving and parking inside Continental’s parking garage.


AVP2: The Intelligent Infrastructure Approach

One of the highlights of the IAA Mobility 2021 presentation was to show the interoperability of the infrastructure-based approach, meaning that the system can handle multiple vehicles from different brands at the same time.

The video below gives a short impression from the IAA Mobility parking garage, showing one of our vehicles together with other OEM vehicles guided by the infrastructure system through the facility to a parking lot and passing through different services, like charging or the car wash.


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