Find here all information and products regarding 2-Wheeler sensors.

  • Motorcycle Inertial Measurement Unit
    Motorcycle Inertial Measurement Unit

    The Motorcycle Inertial Measurement Unit comprises a modular concept up to six degrees of freedom.

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  • Wheel Speed Sensors for Motorcycles
    Wheel Speed Sensors for Motorcycles

    The control systems for ABS, TCS and ESC determine the wheel speed based on signals supplied by the wheel speed sensors.

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  • Advanced Radar Sensor 410
    Advanced Radar Sensor 410

    The Advanced Radar Sensor 410 realized a broad field of view by two independent scans in conjunction with the high range functions like Adaptive Cruise Control.

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  • Short Range Radar – SRR320
    Short Range Radar – SRR320

    The 3rd generation of the Short Range Radar sensor helps drivers to detect and avoid dangerous situations in the vehicle's immediate surroundings.

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  • Multi Function Mono Camera – MFC4xx
    Multi Function Mono Camera – MFC4xx

    The 4th generation of the forward looking Multi Function Mono Camera (MFC4xx) provides driver assistance functions

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  • Surround View Camera – SVC210
    Surround View Camera – SVC210

    The Surround View System provides a complete 360° view around the entire vehicle. Allowing for simple blind spot mitigation

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