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Driving Sustainability:

Climate Solutions Prize for Biotic

Continental's Climate Solutions Prize Recognizes Biotic's Breakthrough
in Automotive Plastics

28. Februar  2024 -  Continental has taken a significant step towards sustainability by awarding the Climate Solutions Prize to Biotic, a biotech startup committed to revolutionizing plastics. The recognition comes as part of Continental's collaboration with Startup Nation Central (SNC) in the tech challenge category of "Pioneering Sustainable Material."

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive development, sustainability has become a strategic imperative for Continental. Gilles Mabire, CTO at Continental Automotive, emphasizes the importance of embracing innovative solutions, particularly from agile and young companies like Biotic. The winning solution from Biotic introduces a groundbreaking method that utilizes algae and seawater as raw materials to modify the properties of plastic, potentially replacing fossil-based components and packaging in the automotive sector.

The collaboration between Continental and SNC on the Climate Solutions Prize, initiated in 2023, reflects a broader industry initiative to drive innovation and address environmental concerns. SNC, an independent NGO from Israel, plays a pivotal role in identifying unique technologies that propel innovation forward.

Biotic, founded in 2020, envisions a future where plastic is not a source of environmental concern. Given that polymers and plastics constitute a significant portion of a car's total weight, sustainable and circular alternatives are crucial. Biotic's winning process, utilizing algae and seawater for precision fermentation, offers a biobased polymer with the potential to replace existing fossil-based components in automotive applications. The recognition from the Climate Solutions Prize positions Biotic as a key player in the quest for sustainable automotive technologies.

Climate Solutions Prize for Biotic

Continental and Biotic are now poised for a proof of concept, signaling the intention to establish a long-term cooperation. Adi Goldman, CEO, and co-founder of Biotic expresses pride in being awarded the Climate Solutions Prize and looks forward to collaborating with Continental to further develop their solution towards scalability.

Plastics play a pivotal role at Continental Automotive, covering a spectrum from standard to engineering plastics used in various applications such as housings, packaging, and displays. With a growing global concern for environmental issues, major industry players, including Continental, are redefining their manufacturing approach. Continental's commitment is reflected in co-pace, its startup organization established in 2018, aimed at catalyzing new technologies and business models in collaboration with key startups, contributing to CO2 neutrality and a circular economy.

The Climate Solutions Prize is just one facet of Continental's multi-faceted strategy to navigate global innovation complexities. The company leverages expert networks, fosters university collaborations, engages in local partnerships, and makes strategic investments through corporate venture capital. These initiatives encompass a range of applications, from adjusting production processes for reduced carbon footprints to developing technologies that align with sustainability requirements from stakeholders. Continental's proactive approach positions it at the forefront of sustainable automotive technologies, driving positive change in the industry.

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