Stand-alone, contactless, active sensor providing the position and  rotation direction of the crankshaft by reading a ferromagnetic or  magnetic encoder wheel mounted on the engine crankshaft.  

Output signal used by the Engine Management System (EMS) to  determine the absolute engine position required by engine control  functions (injection, ignition,…).

Required for stop/start function and misfiring detection, allowing  compliance to the emission standards.

Benefits & Features

  • Cost effective, flexible and customisable compact design
  • “Intelligent sensor“ through full integration : patented and configurable algorithms for self-calibration and robustness to mechanical tolerances and direction change recognition
  • Best in class for direction detection and for single edge repeatibility
  • Robust PCB-less design
  • High EMC / ESD robustness
  • Extensive worldwide field experience

Technical Information

Magnetic sensing principle with very high position accuracy

3 pins, PWM open-drain output

regulated 5V or battery voltage

Supply voltage

-40°C to 160 °C

Temperature range

0.2 to 2.2mm

Airgap range example

0 to 4500 rpm

Speed range example

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