Wheel Speed Sensors

High Resolution Wheel Speed Sensor

The Continental High Resolution Wheel Speed Sensor is providing a finer resolution of wheel rotation information as current existing wheel speed sensors.

The Continental High Resolution Wheel Speed Sensor is providing a wheel rotation information with higher spatial resolution as current existing Wheel Speed Sensors.

This product is developed according to ISO26262:2018 to achieve ASIL D safety classification for a single wheel information. This enables the transition from speed to position sensing for Low Speed Maneuvering and Electric Engine Regulation. The robust sensor element comes with an integrated MR sensing technology, i.e. MR bridge and ASIC are integrated on a single silicon chip. It is flexible in reading position, robust and developed according to ISO26262 safety standard.

Benefits & Features

  • Up to 4 times higher spatial resolution of WSS
  • Instant direction detection
  • No change of encoder wheel required
  • Smoother acceleration and deceleration in highly automated driving applications (optimized speed control)
  • More exact positioning in highly automated parking applications
  • Benefit for automated parking, low speed ABS, Trailer Hitch/Reverse assist

Technical Information

Generating more information via the Wheel Speed Sensor by using the mechanics and encoder wheels of today

Electrical interface for ECU communication is based on the common standard

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