Seamless Mobility Experience

Sit Back. Relax. We’ll do the Driving

The future of individual mobility is facing many challenges: Around 1.3 million people die every year in traffic crashes worldwide. Over 1.2 billion people spend more than 50 minutes a day in their vehicle – a majority of the time in traffic jams. Smart, electrically powered and shared traffic concepts will reduce the traffic density in cities. Even in rural areas, there will be advantages due to enhanced accessibility of transportation. Those areas will become better integrated into the transportation network and therefore will be more connected to the nearest big cities.

In order to face those obstacles, future mobility has to adapt to the individual needs of humans, beginning with the seamless interaction of different mobility offerings and concepts. This seamless mobility will make a safe, easy and environment-friendly trip possible for each road user. The travel time will become stress-free and can be put to good use.

Enorme Datenmengen. Enorme Power. Enorme Ergebnisse.

Automotive Supercomputer für das automatisierte Fahren

Continental hat in einen eigenen NVIDIA InfiniBand-verbundenen DGX-Supercomputer für künstliche Intelligenz (KI) investiert. KI verbessert Fahrerassistenzsysteme, macht Mobilität intelligenter sowie sicherer und beschleunigt die Entwicklung von Systemen zum autonomen Fahren. 


Robot Delivery

Urban delivery can use synergies from automated driving

Goods and parcel delivery to residential areas is a growing and dynamic market, driven by e-commerce sales that are increasing every year. Automated goods delivery will be an integral part of future urban mobility as an addition to conventional goods delivery. The CUbE can carry one or multiple delivery robots and deploy them to handle the last yards of the goods and parcel delivery logistics chain.
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Cruising Chauffeur

Long drives on the highway become more relaxing

Once activated, the vehicle takes over from the driver and cruises along the highway adjusting its speed to traffic conditions and regulations. The vehicle stays safely in the lane. The driver does not have to take over again until exiting the highway – which the vehicle announces ahead of time.


Intelligent Intersection

Reduce the number of crashes

The Continental Intelligent Intersection concept is an end-to-end solution: It comprises the complete sensor set for an intersection, the powerful sensor fusion algorithms which generate the environment model. The technology detects road users within a 360° perimeter of intersections and communicates the position and movement of these objects to all approaching vehicles, which are equipped with V2X technology.

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Valet Parking

The vehicle parks itself

The driver leaves the car at a transfer point in front of the parking garage and activates Valet Parking. The vehicle then drives through the barrier automatically, finds a free parking space and parks. When the driver presses a button on their mobile phone, the car returns to the transfer point automatically.


Automation in Urban Areas

Driverless mobility with robo taxis

Continental has built a development platform, named CUbE (Continental Urban mobility Experience) to enable driverless mobility, especially in cities. With this platform solutions for driverless robo taxis are developed cross-divisional along the SensePlanAct chain of effects. Continental has therefore access to an almost complete product portfolio of its own sensors, actuators, control units and communication and networking technology.


Autonomous Shuttles and Delivery Robots

Increase availability, efficiency and safety in the goods delivery

Our vision of cascaded robot delivery leverages a driverless vehicle to carry delivery robots, creating an efficient transport team. Both are electrified, both are autonomous and, in principle, both can be based on the same scalable technology portfolio.
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