Cockpit 2025


Cockpit 2025: A Future Vision


Cockpit 2025

Entirely new cockpit designs are needed to fulfill the demands of future mobility. Conventional display and operating systems are rapidly reaching their limits on the path to automated driving and fully interconnected vehicles. But how will the cockpit of the future look like? Which functions will be available?
To answer these questions, Continental, in a strategic foresight, identified seven automotive scenarios for the year 2030 that differed in terms of attitudes to vehicle ownership, environmental awareness and price-consciousness within a society. These scenarios were assigned to different markets. By a trend and technology analysis our experts then identified the most promising future technologies that will be needed and are most likely to realize a specific scenario.

Vision-2025_Warning_Main749.jpgSuch future technologies can be augemnted reality applications based on our AR-Head-up Display technologie. For example pedestrian detection becomes more effective and trust in the technology is enhanced when the detected objects are highlighted by augmented reality projections.

Vision-2025_Advertisment_Main749-(2).jpgAnother example, that helps to realize new business models, is location based information that is displayed for passengers on the windscreen as well as on the sidewindows.