Driving functions for automated driving.

The driving functions of automated driving not only represent the next step in the evolution of technology, they also provide added value in various ways, especially for the driver. Benefits include relaxation, more time, enhanced safety, and greater comfort and convenience. Some sample applications show what this might look like.

  • Cruising & Driving
    Cruising & Driving

    Continental offers an assistance systems for highway and secondary roads that supports the driver on longer distances and allows the driver to relax during daily commute.

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  • Low Speed Maneuvering
    Low Speed Maneuvering

    Find out more about low-speed automation functions.

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  • Environment Detection & Visualisation
    Environment Detection & Visualisation

    Perception and evaluation of the environment of individual vehicles and in a collective network.

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  • V2X 통신
    V2X 통신

    하이브리드 V2X 솔루션은 4G/5G 네트워크 액세스, 근거리전용무선통신(DSRC), 셀룰러 V2X 통신을 통합합니다.

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  • Driverless Mobility
    Driverless Mobility

    Self-Driving Cars – Solutions for autonomous vehicles in urban areas.

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