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名称 保持期間 目的
*ASP.NET_SessionId Expires at the end of the session. Keeps the user session ID for security reasons.
*CMSCsrfCookie Expires at the end of the session. Stores a security token (identification feature) that the system uses to validate all form data submitted via POST requests. Helps protect against cross site request forgery.
*cookieSettings Expires in 30 days. Stores information about which cookies have been accepted or rejected.
*cb-enabled Expires at the end of the session. Stores the information as to whether the cookie banner has been accepted.
*CMSPreferredCulture Expires in 12 months. Stores the visitor's preferred content culture (language).

Optional Cookies (Tracking-Cookies for Website Analysis)

Piwik Cookies (_pk_id. そして _pk_ses.)

このクッキー は、ウェブ分析ソリューションのPiwikを使用して、お客様が当ウェブサイトをどのように利用しているかを解析するためのものです。すべての集約データは匿名で解析されます。



Mouseflow Cookie (

This cookie is used to analyze user behavior on our website using the web analytics mouseflow. All collected data are analyzed anonymously.