OLED Displays

Elevating Automotive Display Technology

Sustainably brilliant in design and function, OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) technology, which has long been a favorite in consumer electronics, is now making a grand entry into the automotive world. Continental is at the forefront of this transition, introducing OLED displays that not only elevate the user experience but also offer automakers unique opportunities for individualization and differentiation.


Unparalleled Aesthetic Experience

For automotive designers aiming to revolutionize the visual experience within vehicles, OLED technology emerges as a front-runner. It is distinguished by its ability to produce exceptionally deep blacks and a broad color spectrum, all encompassed within a notably streamlined design. This isn't just about the aesthetic appeal; the intrinsic properties of OLED have practical ramifications, resulting in displays that are remarkably thin and light, simplifying integration into a variety of vehicle dashboards.

Furthermore, the compactness and flexibility of OLED technology grants designers an enhanced degree of freedom. This encompasses not only the possibility for crafting complex shapes but also seamlessly introducing curved applications. A notable feature to highlight is the minimalist bezel framing the OLED display, which serves not just a functional purpose but also significantly boosts the overall visual appearance, making OLED a compelling choice for next-generation automotive design projects.

Technical Insight into OLED

Self-Luminous and Efficient

Unlike conventional LC displays that require backlighting, OLED technology has the inherent capability to self-illuminate. This unique property ensures an energy-efficient operation, making it both sustainable and cost-effective.

Superior Visual Quality

LED displays stand out with their deep black backgrounds, providing an enhanced contrast and thereby improving readability. The wide color spectrum supported by organic diodes makes for vibrant and lifelike visuals. An added advantage is the almost 180° wide viewing angle, ensuring clear visibility even from extreme side views. This feature proves especially valuable for displays positioned in the center console, making areas in the center console easily viewable for both the driver and front-seat passenger.

Multidisplay Solutions

The automotive interior design is witnessing a transformative shift with the introduction of a seamless multi-display that effortlessly stretches from the driver's area all the way to the center console. Enhancing this innovative layout, multiple screens are intricately integrated and optically bonded behind a singular curved glass surface, offering a cohesive and refined visual experience for the occupants.

OLED Display Layers


Cover Glass

  • Optical Bonding
  • Polarizer
  • Encapsulation & TouchBackplane
  • OLED Stack
  • Backplane

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