Electrical Vacuum Pumps

1 Cylinder compact Electrical Vacuum Pump


The EVP X3 is able to cover all vacuum requirements especially in electric, hybrid and diesel-powered vehicles as well as in gasoline direct injected engines with booster volume below 3.5l.

Benefits & Features

  • Same outstanding robustness like other Continental EVPs
  • Small packaging
  • Vacuum performance constant over life time
  • Continuous operation capable
  • Low friction – low heating up

Technical Information


Maximum vacuum level

< 58 dB(A)

​Noise output SPL

Pneumatic performance: 3.5 s / 0.5 bar 7.0 s / 0.7 bar (3 l Booster)

< 1 kg

Low weight

> 1200 hrs

Life time

Vacuum build-up time: standard

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