Advanced Rider Assistance Systems

Find here all information and products related to our advanced rider assistance systems that increase safe mobility.

  • Traffic Sign Assist
    Traffic Sign Assist

    The Traffic Sign Assist offers functions based on traffic sign detection and interpretation.

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  • Forward Collision Warning
    Forward Collision Warning

    The Forward Collision Warning system is meant to avoid accidents caused by inattentive driver by means of optical and haptic alerts.

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  • Intelligent Headlight Assist
    Intelligent Headlight Assist

    Optimal vision is essential at night, when the risk of an accident is twice as great as the risk while driving during the day.

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  • Adaptive Cruise Control
    Adaptive Cruise Control

    Millions of car drivers all over the world enjoy relaxed driving by setting the adaptive cruise control on empty roads and not having to concentrate on the tiresome process of maintaining the car’s speed.

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  • Blind Spot Detection
    Blind Spot Detection

    Failing to see a car approaching rapidly from behind in the left-hand lane or in the blind spot next to a customers car can happen easily, especially in heavy traffic on multi-lane freeways or highways and in a urban traffic environment as well.

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  • Emergency Brake Assist
    Emergency Brake Assist

    Emergency Brake Assist detects critical traffic situations and ensures optimum braking.

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