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Safety and a decrease in emissions required for urban traffic

A decrease in emissions and the reduction of accidents are becoming ever more important in urban conurbations with rapidly increasing traffic volume. Politicians are responding to these developments, for example with more stringent emissions regulations, which put delivery vehicles under pressure. In the urban traffic booth area, the public will be able to see Continental’s solutions for sustainable urban traffic, and how the “Vision Zero” objective – that is to say, zero road fatalities – is being approached. Here, for example, Continental will be presenting a right-turn assistant enriched with artificial intelligence.


Product Range

  • Air Springs
    Air Springs

    Our air spring damper modules combine the features of air springs and air dampers, giving them numerous benefits.

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  • HITEMP Sleeve Air Springs
    HITEMP Sleeve Air Springs

    Increased temperature specification from formerly -35°C to +80°C to now -40°C to +100°C for a broader range of environmental temperatures.

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  • Modular Driver
    Modular Driver's Workplace

    Modular driver's workplaces are as individual as the needs of their users.

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  • Right Turn Assist
    Right Turn Assist

    A radar-based system like this determines the position of road users and calculates the time until a possible collision will occur.

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