Exhaust Management & Aftertreatment

Here you can find our solutions for exhaust management and exhaust aftertreatment.

  • Aftertreatment Control Module
    Aftertreatment Control Module

    The control unit has been designed for exhaust gas aftertreatment applications on truck engines for low emissions according to Euro IV, V and VI.

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  • Diesel Dosing Injector
    Diesel Dosing Injector

    The diesel dosing system provides a simple and robust technology for delivering liquid diesel fuel into the exhaust path.

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  • Liquid-Cooled Injector
    Liquid-Cooled Injector

    This product is a liquid-cooled SCR dosing unit for NOx reduction in close coupled applications.

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  • Air-Cooled Injector
    Air-Cooled Injector

    This product demonstrates a key technology in the area of NOₓ reduction to meet the future emissions legislations.

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  • Catalyst Substrate & Foil Design
    Catalyst Substrate & Foil Design

    On these pages you can read everything on our catalyst substrate and our foil designs.

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  • Exhaust Systems
    Exhaust Systems

    Here you can find everything on exhaust systems from Continental.

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  • Filters

    Here you can find information and products regarding the topic filters.

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  • Electrically Heated Catalyst & Components
    Electrically Heated Catalyst & Components

    Here you can find information and products regarding the electrically heated catalyst and components.

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  • Sensors

    Here you can find information and detailed product descriptions on our sensors.

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