Data Related Services

VDO offers solutions for display and archiving purposes, all of which are tailored to meet different customer requirements.

  • TIS Web® Services
    TIS Web® Services

    More than 20,000 companies throughout Europe already use TIS-Web to optimise their fleet management and store data in accordance with the law. The software consists of three individual services that can be added according to requirements.

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  • TruckLinc / DriverLinc System / VDO FleetVisor Software
    TruckLinc / DriverLinc System / VDO FleetVisor Software

    VDO FleetVisor is the premium solution for efficient fleet management. TruckLinc records vehicle data that cannot be recorded by the digital tachograph. In addition, you can support your drivers with an optional driver display also called DriverLinc that provides services such as road navigation and the ability to communicate directly with the driver.

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  • TIS Web® Fleet App
    TIS Web® Fleet App

    The TIS-Web Fleet App is the interface between office and driver and simplifies daily driving operations dramatically. Installed on the driver’s smartphone, it receives via the DTCO SmartLink tachograph data and sends these as well the manual entered information by drivers directly in TIS-Web.

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  • VDO Driver App
    VDO Driver App

    Digital tachographs are often not integrated within the driver's immediate field of vision. The VDO Driver app in combination with the DTCO SmartLink ensures that the driver can still always see his or her driving and rest periods.

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