Data Downloading Devices

VDO offers various download systems for digital and analogue tachograph data.

  • DLK Pro Download Key
    DLK Pro Download Key

    The DLKPro Download Key is the ideal medium for fleets, workshops and authorities for downloading and archiving mass memory data from digital tachographs and data from driver cards.

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  • DLK Pro TIS-Compact
    DLK Pro TIS-Compact

    The DLKPro TIS-Compact is a practical solution for downloading, archiving and managing data, all in one device; because with the TIS-Compact, digital tachographs and driver card data can be downloaded quickly and securely, transferred to a PC and then visualised, archived and printed out using the integrated PC application.

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  • SmartTerminal

    The VDO SmartTerminal is the latest-generation stationary reader for driver and company cards used in the DTCO 4.0.

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  • Remote Download DLD® Wide Range II
    Remote Download DLD® Wide Range II

    The DLD® Wide Range II is a powerfully efficient VDO solution for vehicles on the road – because it makes short work of the legal downloading of mass memory and driver card data – anywhere and anytime, via GPRS (mobile wireless network).

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  • TIS-Web® Card Reader
    TIS-Web® Card Reader

    The compact table-top device is connected directly to the PC or laptop via USB.

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