Control Units

Control units combine a variety of functions for more safety and comfort when driving.

Control units are the basis for vehicle electronics. They combine a variety of safety and comfort functions for a wide range of applications. Starting with vehicle access via locking systems for trunks, windows or the vehicle roof up to the latest light control systems. In addition, gateways are used as intermediaries and managers in complex electrical and electronic vehicle architectures.

  • Gateways

    Gateways are the enabler for communication within a vehicle network system

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  • Body Control Modules
    Body Control Modules

    Central Body Control Modules (BCMs) are central elements of vehicle electronics.

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  • Door Control Units
    Door Control Units

    Door Control Units: Enhanced convenience and advantages all around for doors.

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  • Power Closures
    Power Closures

    Comfort and convenience for modern vehicles

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  • Power Stabilization
    Power Stabilization

    Power Stabilization – Reliable Operation of all Vehicle Components with our DC/DC Converter

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