See, Hear and Feel it…

With the rising content in today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles Continental offers a wide range of UX solutions. From mechanical pointers & switches to interactive surfaces creating an exciting and intuitive user experience world. It’s about making complex technology invisible. Functions appear intelligently when needed an integrate into a clean and intuitive to use design.

It’s all about the joy of use.

User Experience

Driving the Trend

More information and more content make information processing in automobiles increasingly complex. UX not only creates the conditions for this, but also gives the user a unique experience when operating different elements. It is also a clear differentiator and makes the driving experience unique and individual.

Continental offers innovative solutions for outstanding UX.


Why UX Matters

Analog-to-Digital_749x421.jpgUX becomes the game changer. Technology integration boosts usability to a new level. Premium features, rich functionality and outstanding customer experience.

  • Buying decision more influenced by UX than ever before, increasing value share
  • Customers look for experience instead of features
  • Suppliers with convincing UX solutions become collaborative partners in development

UX is key product differentiator.


Cockpit High Performance Computer

One box. Unlimited possibilities.

The Cockpit HPC integrates all cockpit domains into one powerful High Performance Computer (HPC). It is our centerpiece of UX in the car.



Display Solutions

More wow than ever.

With the ever-increasing digitalization, displays are becoming THE key differentiator of modern vehicle interiors and are the most important interface for the interaction of driver and vehicle. Changed user demands and new technologies enable novel interior cockpit designs.



Cabin Sensing

More than meets the eye.

With our longstanding experience, our deep market knowledge, and our participation in regulatory processes we are the competent and reliable partner for automotive manufacturers for all Interior Camera matters.




See what matters.

A Head-Up-Display (HUD) shows information exactly where you need it – directly in the line of sight. Drivers get all the important information such as speed, warning signals and indicator arrows for navigation without looking down to the instrument cluster or the secondary display. Continental has a broad portfolio of Head-Up-Displays.



Ac2ated Sound

The no speaker immersive sound experience.

So, how does “Nothing” sound? It isn’t anything you ever may have heard of – it’s something completely new. It’s inconspicuous, it can’t be seen ... it's not even a speaker! It's not what you might expect – nevertheless: a true premium sound experience.



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