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More Then Meets the Eye

With a well-executed integration, the interior camera can be invisible for the driver but still see the driver.

Also, it is much more than a tool to fulfill the upcoming legislative requirements for driver monitoring. Many more use cases can be implemented.


Interior Camera Systems make cars safer. Because of our proven optics and algorithms, we can reliably detect some of the major accident-causing factors such as distraction, drowsiness, or even sudden incapacitation. Driver monitoring allows in-time reactions to prevent accidents from happening, therefore it is an important contributor to vision zero and will become more and more a legal requirement for many markets. Also, it plays an important role for the safety of partially automated driving.

Validating drowsiness and distraction is difficult and potentially dangerous but incredibly important. This is why we developed the most sophisticated (Ground Truth System) reference measurement system and enhance our validation with digital avatars and synthetic test data.
Child Presence Detection

Child Presence Detection

Sensors and cameras are a growing component of vehicles. Inside, they protect drivers and passengers and monitor the driving ability and health of the occupants. Outside, they prevent collisions and parking accidents.

Continental offers an intelligent safety solution for cabin sensing that is cost-effective, requires only a few sensors with correspondingly less wiring, and protects the privacy of passengers. There is a growing need for cabin sensing in particular, as heat deaths in locked vehicles are a problem worldwide.

By 2022, Child Presence Detection technology should be standard on every new car. This is mandated by, among other things, the HOT CARS Act in the U.S. and is taken into account for Euro NCAP safety ratings.


The radar sensors used increase safety in the interior and prevent heat exhaustion. They can detect a child left behind, even if they are covered or in a child seat. This allows the car to send notifications to the driver's phone to inform them of this life-threatening situation. In addition, the system can distinguish between adults and children, avoiding false alarms and attracting the attention of distracted parents.



The Interior Camera is much more than safety, it opens new channels in which the driver and the vehicle can communicate with each other.

The vehicle can identify the driver via face recognition and personalize the interior to the driver's preferences. This includes the automatic adjustment of the seat or activating preferred settings such as playlists or temperature.

Free Air Gestures enable an easy to use interaction with the car which allows the driver to keep the eyes on the road. It is also possible to stay in touch with the outside world via video calls when driving at least partially automated.


The Interior Camera can even help with the wellbeing of the driver. Health states and emotions can be recognized and used as input parameters for artificial intelligence solutions like virtual assistants.

We can integrate additional comfort to improve the User Experience. Eye tracking can be used to automatically adjust the HUD (Head-Up-Display) or to customize stereoscopic 3D Displays. An additional tracking of the eye gaze enables the automated dimming of displays that are not in focus to decrease distraction while driving at night.

Technology & Integration

Our broad technology base, our advanced validation processes as well as our world-wide footprint enables us to guarantee that our price and packaging optimized products fulfill all legal requirements.

Our camera platform offers full flexibility, because we support all vehicle architectures, support many product variants, and offer a flexible mix of our own software with third-party algorithms. Therefore, we are able to provide solutions individually tailored to our customer’s needs.

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