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Following our concept of a Holistic Human-Machine Interface, we turned the entire vehicle into a digital companion using artificial intelligence. Based on deep machine learning algorithms, the digital companion remembers and interprets the user's behavior, adapts navigation or infotainment offers and even anticipates the wishes of the driver. A natural dialogue between the driver and the vehicle is realized by using cloud-based voice services, in a first step Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa has been linked to several vehicle functions to support, for example, an interactive user manual that immediately explains to the driver the meaning of warnings or error messages. Depending on the warning and based on the driver’s user behavior, the digital companion offers smart suggestions on how to proceed.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a new key driver for enhanced functions and usability in the car and beyond. It can also add more safety, e.g. for automated driving functions. The data collection about user behavior and from the vehicle in a data lake allows to create dynamic user profiles and to build a valuable database for the OEM. Analysis of this data by deep machine learning algorithms helps to enhance existing functions as well as to create new ones. Intelligent Human-Machine Interface features like our digital companion are more and more based on attificial intelligence to offer a maximum of user friendliness and relief for drivers and passengers.


Benefits & Features

  • Digital companion learns from user behavior, anticipates user needs and offers smart suggestions
  • Access to vehicle data for enhanced functions and services
  • Driver profile based assistance prevents cognitive dissonance (information overload, driver distraction)
  • Consistence with Smart Home assistants for integrated usability inside and outside the vehicle

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