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Holistic Human-Machine-Interface

A holistic interaction concept between driver and vehicle leads to more security and comfort

Our holistic interaction concept: For a dialogue without words between driver and vehicle.

Our concept of a Holistic Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is to make the understanding of information and the reaction to it as easy and intuitive as possible for the driver. Information is collected, prioritized and quickly presented in afocused and clear way. The flow of information is reduced, by taking the driving situation and the driver's condition into account. Only the relevant information and appropriate actions are offered in the respective situation.
In addition, the driver receives reliable confirmation for every action that he initiates. This strengthens the trust in the vehicle’s individual functions and clearly indicates that the driver is and will remain in constant control of the situation. This kind of trust is particularly important when looking at future technologies such as automated driving.
An overview of our latest products is available on our Holistic Human-Machine Interface Microsite: http://holistic-human-machine-interface.com

Highlights Holistic Human-Machine Interface

  • Head-up Displays
    Head-up Displays

    The head-up display reduces driver distraction and increases driver safety.

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  • Integrated Interior Platform
    Integrated Interior Platform

    Integrated Interior Platform is the first step towards a holistic human machine interface (HMI) concept in the car.

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  • Display Solutions
    Display Solutions

    Our Display Solutions encompass displays and indicators in the instrument panel and display solutions for rear-seat passengers.

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