Super Clean Electrified Diesel

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Super Clean Electrified Diesel

Based on the intelligent interaction of various elements, including injection optimization, exhaust after-treatment, hybridization, energy optimization.

Real driving emissions can be massively reduced compared to the Euro 6 standard. 60 percent fewer NOx emissions and a about four percent reduction in CO2 emissions compared with the basis vehicle (Euro 6) are realized.



  • 48 Volt belt driven starter generator
    48 Volt belt driven starter generator

    The 48 Volt Eco Drive system by Continental has been developed for cost-efficient mass hybridization.

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  • 48 Volt EMICAT
    48 Volt EMICAT

    This product is an electrically heated catalyst for gasoline and diesel passenger cars as well as heavy-duty applications including a hig...

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  • Compact Catalyst System
    Compact Catalyst System

    This product is a close-coupled mounted catalyst integrated in a reverse chamber flow

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