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Hose lines for Air Conditioning Units

Natural coolant CO2 – air conditioning systems without additional global warming
The coolant CO2 is known and in use for a long time. Typically, it is used for stationary applications at rather lower temperatures. In typical European climate, it has an efficiency comparable to floor coolants. On the Southern hemisphere, the slightly higher fuel consumption to run the climate compressor has to be balanced by using renewable energies.

Benefits & Features

  • Minimal permeation
  • Smaller package size due to smaller components

Technical Specification

  • Pressure resistance up to 18 MPa
  • Temperature resistance: up to 180°C
  • Polymer barrier layer hose (cold compression and suction sides) 3.5 g/ma
  • Corrugated tube hoses (hot gas side) 0.0 g/ma
  • Connection ContiLock R 0.035 g/a

AC lines for natural coolant CO<sub>2</sub>