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Continental is convinced that electromobility in its many different forms will be an essential component of future mobility.

So around the world, specialists are working on further developing existing concepts and on new developments for climate-friendly hybrid and electric vehicles. In order to shape safe, efficient, connected and comfortable mobility, Continental is pooling expertise from all Divisions in the fields of integration, energy optimization, drivetrain management, vehicle safety, information management and tires.


Our Highlights

  • 48 Volt Technologies
    48 Volt Technologies

    48-volt Eco Drive shows the potential of hybridization

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  • Charging Technologies
    Charging Technologies

    Charging – Refueling with power in an easy way

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  • High Voltage Technologies
    High Voltage Technologies

    Innovative high-voltage drive systems and power electonics

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  • Super Clean Electrified Diesel
    Super Clean Electrified Diesel

    This vehicle puts the conceptual functionalities into a real demonstration vehicle.

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Our Products

  • 12 Volt Dual Battery Manager
    12 Volt Dual Battery Manager

    The DBM manages the connection of this redundant power supply as well as the current flow between both parts of the power net.

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  • 12 Volt Power Net Stabilization
    12 Volt Power Net Stabilization

    The Power Net System supports the 12 V board net during peak demand, e.g. start-stop.

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  • 48 Volt belt driven starter generator with integrated inverter

    The 48 Volt Eco Drive system by Continental has been developed for cost-efficient mass hybridization.

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  • 48 Volt DC/DC Converter
    48 Volt DC/DC Converter

    The 48 Volt Eco Drive system from Continental has been developed for cost-efficient mass hybridization.

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  • Axle Drive
    Axle Drive

    This product is a highly integrated Electric Drive System with inverter, electric machine and reducer.

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  • Power Electronics
    Power Electronics

    The high voltage power electronics includes an inverter and a DC/DC converter.

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  • Smart Actuator Platform
    Smart Actuator Platform

    The Smart Actuator Platform (SmAP) is a modular platform for peripheral devices for transmissions.

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Have a look at our Simpleshow "48 Volt Eco Drive - explained in a simple way!"

Efficient and eco-friendly driving – with the 48 Volt Eco Drive technology from Continental. The new drivetrain technology from Continental "48 Volt Eco Drive" – explained in a simple way!


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