Working on the healthy ecosystem of mobility

"Mobility is the heartbeat of life" means actively working on the healthy ecosystem of mobility of the future.

Clean air is a matter of course. Based on the current state of technology, effective environmental protection requires various drive technologies: Low emissions from combustion engines as well as electrified and purely electric drives. Continental makes these technologies affordable and reliable. We take responsibility for the future.

  • MK C1®
    MK C1®

    The MK C1® from Continental is an integrated and compact brake system which meets present and future requirements, for instance: vacuum less braking, energy recuperation and high performance for emergency brake assist.

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  • Electrically Heated Catalyst EMICAT®
    Electrically Heated Catalyst EMICAT®

    This product is an electrically heated catalyst for gasoline and diesel passenger cars

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  • Active Purge Pump
    Active Purge Pump

    The active purge system is a modular concept and provides a variety of options.

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  • High Voltage Axle Drive
    High Voltage Axle Drive

    The high voltage axle drive is a highly integrated electric drive system.

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  • Electric Water Pump - 2
    Electric Water Pump - 2

    An auxiliary Electrical Water Pump allows a volume flow-rate on demand for engine and power electronics cooling of HEV or EV cars.

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  • Coolant Flow Control Valve
    Coolant Flow Control Valve

    Coolant Flow Control Valves are needed inside this system for shutting off the coolant flow, switching over coolant circuits and regulating the coolant flow.

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  • HV Inverter
    HV Inverter

    High power inverter for driving the electric machine intraction and generator mode.

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  • 48 V Transmission Integrated eDrive
    48 V Transmission Integrated eDrive

    The 48V transmission-integrated eDrive consists of an integrated motor and transmission-attached power electronics.

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