Connectivity is key to realize new functions and services. Using data from the cloud enhances safety, comfort and efficiency.

Thanks to the information from other vehicles and from the cloud, holistically connected vehicles detect obstacles on the road ahead, at the end of a traffic jam or even the condition of the road long before they become dangerous. The networked vehicle learns automatically, because it recognizes and knows the driver and passengers and adapts to their needs. This makes driving safer, provides more comfort and thus less stress. New connected services are emerging around the mobility concepts of the future. This will make driving more efficient and safer and thus also contributing to environmental protection.

Experience Networked Mobility live at IAA 2019

Immerse in the mobility of the future with Continental at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). We let our visitors feel, how connected systems, solutions and services can holistically determine the user experience of tomorrow and make mobility safe, intelligent and stress-free

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  • Premium Telematics
    Premium Telematics

    More than 20 years of telematics experience enables us to develop new and innovative products with outstanding features and performance.

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  • Intelligent Antenna Module
    Intelligent Antenna Module

    The Intelligent Antenna Module represents the interface between the car and the outside world.

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  • High-Performance Computer
    High-Performance Computer

    Our High-Performance Computer enables functions and services that need high processing power - for example automated driving or multimedia applications.

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  • Smart Device Integrated Access
    Smart Device Integrated Access

    Car access via smartphone and tablet.

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  • Overview
    Remote Cloud Key

    Innovative, functional and nearly invisible, our products and services work for your safety, efficiency and convenience.

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  • Natural 3D Display
    Natural 3D Display

    The third dimension of driver information. With our Natural 3D Display passengers get a more realistic, user friendly experience that is closer to the real world.

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  • Curved Plastic Lense Display
    Curved Plastic Lense Display

    Our Curved Plastic Lense Display Solution shows the next evolutionary step for large size automotive user interfaces. It allows for individual design and seamless optical and mechanical integration into the cockpit.

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  • Cross Domain Hub
    Cross Domain Hub

    Drivers can dynamically distribute content across multiple displays and place information right where they need to see it.

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  • Data Monetization Platform
    Data Monetization Platform

    Our Data Monetization Platform allows direct and secure sharing of data for mobility services. All participants stay in full control of their data.

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